Friday, July 29, 2016

2016 Milestones Results

2016 Milestones results were released by GADOE this Tuesday (7/26). The visual below shows achievement levels by school.

Use the filters on the left to focus on a specific grade or subject, or to switch to elementary school. Use the tab at the top to switch to End of Course exams (high school). This view was created with the state data file, so users can also use the "System" filter to view other districts.

Notice that the view is sorted by the percentage of students scoring at the beginner level, but the relative ranking changes if a different category is used. Atlanta Classical Academy, which is our middle school with the lowest poverty rate, has the most students scoring above beginner. However, Inman middle school has a much larger percentage of students who reach the distinguished level. Achievement results tend to be highly correlated with family income- see last year's post on poverty and test scores.

The achievement level view is great for understanding how students compare to state standards and to other APS schools. The description of each state achievement level is available here. For a summary of overall APS performance, see the superintendent's blog.

The next view converts average test scores for each school into a state percentile. This view is more helpful for comparing performance over time, across grades and subjects, and to the rest of the state.

The percentiles show a school's relative position among all Georgia schools. For example, a percentile of 45 indicates a school's average scale score is as high or higher than 45% of schools in Georgia. For a more detailed description of the percentile view, see our previous percentile post

Note that the EOG percentiles view does not include advanced math students in eight grade who took the EOC, but they can be found on the EOC tab. This causes schools with a large advanced math program like Inman to have a lower 8th grade math percentile on the EOG view. 2016 is the first year that advanced math students did not also take the grade level exam.

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Finally, to indulge a data analyst who also thinks he's an artist, here's a picture of achievement for all elementary schools in the state: 

To see a more readable view of the same data, scroll to the achievement visual at the top of the post and select system = "All".